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Tommy Caldwell


Caldwell and Jorgeson historic free climb of Dawn Wall on El Capitan
Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete





Tommy Caldwall, 36 from Estes Park, Colorado and Kevin Jorgeson, 30 from Santa Rosa, California, are the first to free climb the mammoth 3000' vertical granite face called the Dawn Wall of Capitan (7,573ft 2,308m) in Yosemite . . . . Read more »

Ralph Teller

South Africans first to Swim the Antartic Circle Ice Challenge One Mile Swim
Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete






The first Antartic Circle Ice Challenge one mile swim is a tribute to Sir Ernest Shackleton's famous 1914-1916 Trans-Antarctic Expedition aboard the Endurance - the epic story of incredible hardship, perserverance against extreme physical and . . . .  Read more »

Sage Kotsenburg after winning the Sochi Olympic Gold in Slopestyle Snowboarding


Sage Kotsenburg's Sochi Olympic Gold Slopestyle Snowboarding Adventure
Ralph Teller, Ironman Triathlete





Sage Kotsenburg wins the Sochi Olympic Gold medal in Slopestyle Snowboarding with his sense of adventure born of the frontier American West. Sage Kotsenburg, a 20-year-old kid in the biggest event of his life, decided to phone . . . . Read more »

Trent Grimsey, English Channel Record Holder


Trent Grimsey sets English Channel World Record
Ralph Teller





Young, gutsy Trent Grimsey of Brisbane, Australia set a new world record time of 6:55 hours for a solo English Channel swim. Trent broke the record previously set by Petar Stoychev of Bulgaria who crossed the channel in 2007 . . . . . Read more »

Felix Baumgartner of Austria


Felix Baumgartner sets Space Jump World Record!
Ralph Teller





Austrian adventurer Felix Baumgartner set the world record for skydiving an estimated 39 kilometres (128,000 ft or 24 miles), reaching an estimated record speed of 1,342 kilometres per hour (834 mph), or Mach 1.24. To reach this speed Felix . . . . Read more »

Darrell Gardner


Darrell Gardner Reaches Artic Ocean Under Human Power!
Ralph Teller





Keeping the flame of adventure alive, Darrell Garnder of Santa Fe, New Mexico reached the Artic Ocean today in a canoe on the Colville River Alaska. Darrell's incredible solo journey began hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail beginning at the Mexican border . . . .  Read more »

Alex Honnold


Alex Honnold - Free Solo Climber. Simple Living and Climbing!
Ralph Teller





Alex Honnold . . . . . . young, focused, competent, skilled, prepared, efficient, fit and free.Living the simple life and free solo climbing with no ropes and no equipment. Big wall climbing. Big wall climbing with no support. . . . . Read more »

Nik Wallenda


Nik Wallenda Tightrope Skywire Walks across Little Colorado River Canyon
Ralph Teller





With incredible focus, Nik Wallenda, the adventure aerialist and high wire artist, walk a quarter-mile (400 metres) across the Grand Canyon on a 2 inch steel cable with nothing but the Little Colorado River 1,500 feet below. No tethers. No safety . . . . Read more »

Ryan Stramrood


The Bering Strait Relay - The Most Deadliest Swims
Ralph Teller





Wearing only Speedo costumes caps and goggles, between August 4 - 10 2013, a team of 65 swimmers from 17 countries performed a relay swim across the Bering Strait, the first such swim in history! These are cold water adventure distance swimmers . . . . Read more »

Ralph Teller

Diana Nyad completes First Cuba to Florida Swim with No Shark Cage - BUT Swim Community Questions Feat
Ralph Teller






Long-distance and marathon swimmer Diana Nyad completes the first swim from Cuba to Florida without using a shark cage swimming 110 miles (177 km) in 52:54 hours at the age of 64! HOWEVER, The swimming community has raised serious questions. . . .  Read more »


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