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Lora Heyl Erickson running in the Canyonlands Half Marathon
Lora Heyl Erickson

Top 10 Running Tips for Triathlon and Running Training

by Lora Heyl Erickson

Top 10 Most Valuable Running Tips

There are so many great running tips that I have learned over the last 26 years that I have run and coached running and triathlons, but these are some of the most valuable.

Tip #1 - Be Cautious. Do be cautious with your training. Don’t do too much too soon. Allow your body to adapt and then add more. The general rule of thumb is to increase no more than 10% a week.

Tip #2 - Rest. Rest days are just that – rest days. When your schedule calls for an easy run then you need to do just that, it leaves you “fresh” for those tough workouts.

Tip #3 - Warm Up. Take the time to properly warm up/cool-down and stretch in your training. Successful athletes take care of their body on and off the “field.”

Tip #4 - Training Plan. Follow a good training plan. I am a big believer in customized training. Hire a coach that will develop a custom training schedule for you that adjusts for changes and training variables so there is no guessing involved.

Tip #5 - Good Nutrition. Do learn and practice proper nutrition and hydration techniques.

Tip #6 - Be Studious. Be a student of the sport and always be willing to listen, learn and ask lots of questions to your coach.

Tip #7 - Be Thankful. Enjoy the journey. Leave your watch and heart rate monitor home once in a while and don’t be afraid to just enjoy your ability to run. Many people out there only wish they could and for medical reasons cannot or are in a wheelchair. Be thankful.

Tip #8 - Cross-Train. Integrating other sports into your training will make you stronger and appreciate running more. Cross training can also prevent burnout and injuries. (triathlon training is perfect cross-training – love it!)

Tip #9 - Find a Buddy. Find a running buddy or two (or join a local running club). They will often help you stay committed to your health goals and be your cheer leader.

Tip #10 - Keep a Log. Keep a training log. This will be a great tool to help you improve and learn from your experiences. 1Vigor has a cool free Log to track training and wellness. See 1Vigor Log Calendar.

Happy Training! Coach Lora

Lora Heyl Erickson is a competitive runner and triathlete with over 26 years of experience and studied Nutrition at Utah State University. While at Utah State University, Lora was the Running Team Captain and Big West All-Conference runner. She is the owner of Blonde Runner Health, LLC in Bountiful, Utah where she currently resides with her husband and four children. As a USATF certified running, coach Lora has worked with hundreds of athletes helping them reach their full potential.

Coach Lora specializes in weight loss, corrective exercise, endurance training, sports nutrition, and coaches a coed triathlon and running teams Team Blonde Runner. If you live in Davis County, Utah you are welcome to join South Davis Road Runners. See Lora's website Blonde Runner or contact her directly at 801-608-5516 or Email at:

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