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How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally Through Lifestyle Changes

by Ralph Teller

Lifestyle Changes can Increase Sperm Volume, Motility and Quality Naturally

Mean sperm concentrations have declined over 42% over the past 70 years, from 113 million spermatozoa per mL to 66 million. Lifestyle is considered a major contributing factor to declining sperms counts. Lifestyle factors can affect your sperm count or volume, sperm quality, sperm motility and overall sperm health. It takes 10 to 11 weeks for sperm to be produce. Changing your lifestyle to encourage sperm health will improve sperm health after almost 2 1/2 months. Anything you do that damages sperm will affect them for the next 10 to 11 weeks. Here are several factors which impact male fertility:

Natural Sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are important to optimal sperm production and function. Natural food sources of Vitamin C and Vitamin E are preferred over pill supplements. For a list of natural food sources of both vitamins See Natural Food Sources of Vitamin C. Also see Natural Food Sources of Vitamin E

Cooler Temperatures. In order for testes to produce sufficient quality and quantity of sperm, the temperature of testes must be lower than the core body temperature. There are several things men can do to keep the temperature of their testes lower than core body temperature, including (i) wearing boxers instead of brief underwear, (ii) wear loose fitting pants, (iii) sleep slightly cooly instead of having too many covers, (iv) don't take hot baths in temperatures above 104F/40C degrees for more than 30 minutes and (v) limit time in hot tubs, steam baths and saunas to a few minutes. Prolonged sitting and use of laptop computers directly on your lap can all increase scrotal temperature. Fever will also effect sperm quality and quantity.

Men trying to improve their sperm count should think carefully about their underwear, doctors from the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield, England have found in a study published in the Journal of Human Production. To make healthy sperm, the testicles need to be a degree or two below body temperature, which is why evolution has seen to it that they hang outside in their own sac, where it's cooler. Tight Y-fronts underwear risk reversing what millions of years of evolution have achieved and can reduce sperm production.

Exercise. Physical activity and aerobic exercise helps reproductive health. Moderation is key. Exercise to exhaustion can lower the immune system and lower hormone levels and sperm count.

Avoid Certain Medications. Anabolic steroids, antibiotics and certain medications used to control conditions such as high blood pressure, ADHD and antidepressants can reduce your fertility. Anti-androgens used to treat prostate enlargement and cancer interfere with sperm production.

Avoid Marijuana, Cocaine and Opiates. Marijuana can decrease sperm motility and increase the number of abnormal sperm. Cocaine and opiates can contribute to erectile dysfunction. These drugs that are supposed to be real 'highs' are in reality bummers!

Maintain High Testostereone Levels. There are a number of things we can do to maintain healthy testosterone levels. Also, some studies have suggested Estrogens and Estrogen compounds may be responsible for declining sperm counts and declining testosterone levels. Here's a list of Tips to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Limit Alcohol Use and Avoid Tobacco. Heavy drinking can reduce the quality and quantity of sperm. Smoking can cause sperm to be misshaped and move slowly. See Tips to Quit Smoking Naturally

Industrial Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Solvent Chemicals. Workplace and household substances such as industrial heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals in solvents may affect sperm quantity and quality.

Manage Weight. Excess body fat can disrupt production of reproductive hormones which can reduce your sperm count. See Portion Control

Regular Good Sleep. The majority of our body's hormones, including hormones that effect reproductive health, are produced while we sleep and rest. Getting regular sufficient sleep will help increase sperm count and quality. See Tips to Good Natural Sleep

Stress. Too much stress can interfere with production of hormones that help produce sperm. Managing stress is important to sperm health. Regulary exercise is a good way to manage stress.

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