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Ralph Teller

Depression Linked to Low Zinc Levels

by Ralph Teller

Severe Depression with very low Zinc levels

People who are depressed have lower blood concentrations of zinc compared with nondepressed individuals, according to a study conducted by Sunnybrook Research Institute, University of Toronto, Canada.

Researchers found, more severe depression was associated with greater low blood levels of zinc from recommended healthy levels.

Zinc is an essential nutrient with roles in cell growth and metabolism, and in the regulation of endocrine, immune, and neuronal functions impacting depression.

For men, Zinc plays an important role in testosterone production, essential to men's health. See How to Increase Testosterone Naturally.

Zinc also plays a role in cold and coughs prevention. See How to Prevent and Treat Colds Naturally

As there are risks associated with most supplements, natural foods containing Zinc are your best sources to obtain Zinc. Here is a list of natural food sources of Zinc: Natural Food Sources of Zinc

For those suffering from depression, adding foods high in Zinc to your diet may help improve your mood. Engaging natural solutions to beat depression instead of using antidepressant medications may also help improve your overall help. This is especially so considering recent medical research which have found that all antidepressants can damage your liver. See All Antidressants can Cause Liver Damage

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