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Exercise is Medicine!
Exercise and Wellness Log

Exercise is the Best Medicine!

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy! Exercise also offers many benefits of preventing chronic disease. Aerobic exercise also can be a powerful compliment to traditional medical intervention. Exercise may allow a physician to significantly reduce a patient's drug dosage or eliminate the need for medicine altogether!

Exercise is Medicine

The American Medical Association and the American College of Sports Medicine created an Exercise is Medicine initiative to have physicians prescribe physical activity and exercise as a standard part of disease prevention and medical treatment!

Researchers have found those that people that use a Log to track their exercise and wellness information are more likely to stick with an exercise routine!

1Vigor Exercise and Wellness Log to track Prescribed Exercise

The free 1Vigor Log is not just a good tool for competitive athletes to track their exercise and wellness. The 1Vigor Log is an excellent tool that patients can use to track exercise and wellness who have been recommended or prescribed exercise by their doctors, physicians, nurses and therapist.

Here are some of the Log features

  • Aerobic exercise like walking, hiking, cycling, swimming and running can be tracked and recorded on the Log.
  • Strength training exercises such as weights, pushups, situps and pullups can also be tracked and recorded on the Log.
  • Wellness information including weight, resting heart rate, body mass index (BMI) and hours of sleep can be tracked and recorded on the Log. See Resting Heart Rate is an Important Health Indicator
  • The Log tracks walking, cycling, swimming, hiking, and running distances in either miles, kilometers, meters and yards.
  • The Log will automatically compute walking, hiking, swimming, cycling and running pace or speed from the time and distance data entered.
  • The Log can track body weight in pounds or kilograms.
  • The Log has a Notes section where users can input personalized detail and observations.
  • Users can choose to keep a public or private calendar!

Exercise Log Calendar Sample

The Log is easy to use and easy to enter data. See 1Vigor Log Calendar Sample.

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1Vigor Exercise and Wellness Log

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