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Umtanum Ridge, Washington by Anton Bird Brain Power is enhanced with more focused senses and an expanded awareness
Ralph Teller

How Heightend Senses and Expanded Awareness Impact Life Quality

by Ralph Teller

Our brain power is enhanced when we become more aware of the things around us. Increasing our awareness and arousal is accomplished by increasing our sensitivity to our senses. Heightened sense sensitivity occurs with increased concentration on the senses while at the same time clearing the mind of distractions to enable a more sharpened focus.

Meditation or Yoga provides a good vehicle to sharpen awareness of the senses.

Heighened Senses, Metabolism and Longevity

Heightened sense awareness is important to the quality of our life and important to achieving longevity and a longer lifespan for a few reasons.

First, increased sense awareness enables a more efficient Metabolism.

Second, increased sense awareness requires us to become more in tune and connected with our Metabolism.

white heron Third, increased sense awareness increases the sensitivity to pulse rate and benefits to correct deep breathing. Fourth, increased sense awareness enables us to perform life responsibilities more richly resulting in an increased sense of competency and corresponding increase in confidence. Fifth, increased sense awareness regarding time enables one to better manage our metabolism and maintain a high metabolism all for the purpose of extending our lifespan.

Five Basic Senses

Here are our five basic senses, the energy form detected, and their related body parts are:

1. Sight - Light energy detected by the eyes.
2. Hearing - Sound energy detected by the ears.
3. Smell - Chemical energy and shape of molecules detected by the nose.
4. Taste - Chemical energy detected by the tongue.
5. Touch - Pressure energy detected by the skin.

Additional Senses

6. Sixth Sense - Psychic energy detected by the brain.
7. Time – ‘4th Dimension’ energy detected by the brain
8. Temperature - Heat energy detected by skin but with different nerve endings than for the sense of touch.
9. Balance - Gravity energy detected by inner ear.
10. Electrical Fields – Electric energy detected by the brain and other senses.
11. Magnetic Fields – Earth’s magnetic energy detected by the brain.

The Sense of Time

There are different measures of time, including the apparent motion of the sun across the sky, the phases of the moon, the swing of a pendulum, and the beat of our heart.

Currently, the international unit of time, the second, is defined in terms of radiation emitted by caesium atoms.

Our sense of time is also impacted by the Circadian clock (Our 24 hour clock set by the location of the sun). This 'clock' has various psychophysiological factors that influences our perception of time. Our working memory loads, time of day, body temperature, and mood are considered important modifiers of our perception of time.

The perception of time is also impacted by hormones such as adrenaline. In stressful situations where adrenaline is increased into the bloodstream, time seems to go into slow motion and there exists an ability to vividly recall events for a long time after. Increased adrenaline increases awareness.

How the Experience of Slow Motion Impacts Awareness

It seems that in certain important or dangerous situations, perception of time goes into slow motion, such that a person is aware of everything happening at a different rate of time than what is normal. People have experienced this when engaged in special occasions, giving a speech, being involved in a car accident, or falling from a tree or similar event time seems to slow or stand still.

Experiencing the world more frequently in relative slow motion is a valuable skill to improve our awareness as it requires and builds a greater focus and more sharp senses. People that live in the moment or are in the 'zone' usually have sharpened their awareness skills.

Doe Humans have Electrical Fields?

All living organisms, including humans, are thought to have electrical fields. This electrical field is sometimes referred to as ‘Aura”. Humans have an aura which is a result of all our metabolic processes including those that result in electrical impulses such as muscle contraction, heart beat and brain signals. The electrical signals that come from your muscles, heart, brain and other parts of your body create an electrical field. There is also an energy that flows from emotions which are psychophysiological.

There is thought regarding ones electrical signals that when your senses are heightened and when your mind and heart are in harmony, your electrical signals are in synch and strong. This harmony results in an apparent better health and a stronger personal aura, presence and attractiveness.

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