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Stimulants to Avoid That Impair Building a Strong Nerve Force

Building a strong Nerve Force is an important component to leading a quality, sucessful, healthy and long life.

Here is a list of stimulants that physiologically or emotionally impair building a strong Nerve Force and are recommended to avoid, especially within two hours of bedtime:

  • -Watching TV or the Computer within 2 hours of bedtime. See 13 Tips to Good Natural Sleep
  • -Coffee. See Caffeine and Atletic Performance
  • -Tea (contains 17% Tannic Acid which hinders calcium absorption)
  • -Refined Sugar
  • -Refined White Flour
  • -Added Salt
  • -Colas
  • -Fried Foods, Saturated Fats and Hydrogenated Oils, margarine
  • -Artificially Smoked Meats/Fish
  • -Dried Fruits containing sulphur dioxide or other strong chemical preservatives
  • -Anger and excessive negative emotions
  • -Excessive worry
  • -Reliance upon Stimulants and Anti-Depressants Drugs. See Tips to Beat Depression Naturally
  • -Alcohol
  • -Tobacco
Many of these stimulants work to increase your pulse rate. Too high a resting pulse rate is a risk factor shortening lifespan. See Resting Heart Rate as a Measurment of Health, Fitness and Lifespan <-- back to top

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